i made this because i was having trouble coming up with how to make my own website
(i was making one because i wanted somewhere to post my original stories),
so i decided to do a little "practice" by making a 90s/2000s styled loona website
and look at that, i made this so easily lmao.

this was all extremely inspired by a site made for vivi!
i also drew inspiration from a backstreet boys site.
and i thought back to myspace and the bratz website i went to as a kid.

all of the images on this site belong to their respective owners.
(i try to stay away from fansite photos and stick with selfies and scans.)
all of the buttons are from a html website archived from the 90's. (so, yeah, they're actually 90s!)
all of the graphics are made by me.

you can find me on twitter.
lots of talking about music and complaining.
it's great.

may 25, 2019
website created
may 26, 2019
members page created
haseul's profile picture changed
schedule page removed
about page created
music page created
added butterflies to homepage